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 Success Stories from Singles Scene/Spirit & Life, monthly "wife catalog" for men and/or "husband catalog" for women.


Dear Publisher:

I should have written LONG before this, but a lot has been happening in my life!

I joined "". The man I married had been looking a lot of different places and had spent thousands of dollars searching for a compatible Christian wife. God lead us to each other through your publication. Now we both are avid readers of the magazine "Mother Earth News" and that is where we both found your advertisement. What a blessing! He joined the month before I did.
June of _____he put his ad in and I found it on your web site. I placed mine the following month. I really didn't expect to find some one to marry. Just to be friends with or write to! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd find someone that I'm still so in love with 2 years later!
I joined in July and I scanned all the ads - but wanted one that DIDN'T ask for height, looks, weight, etc. like you were (excuse the expression) - "ordering up a piece of meat". I wanted God to be in charge of the choice.
My husband's ad merely explained how happy he was and a little about him. And the gift of a smile you can give to others.

We talked on line and sent photos after a few months. All the things we had in common were amazing.

If we let God do the leading and let God do the chosing then HE will give us the best. Seek HIS KINGDOM FIRST and HE will give you the desires of your heart because all these things will be added on to you! AND HE HAS!!

Thank you for your advertisement. It really does work and at such a nominal fee that even I could afford it. Well, worth the price I paid!

May God Bless you this Christmas Season and all who are searching for that special some one. In your ad don't give your list of qualifications JUST let God chose for you! Don't be too specific or you could be losing the love of your life.

I thank you again and I thank God most of all.


Eileen M.


Dear Singles Scene:
My wife and I would like to let you know we met through your publication and we are wonderfully happy. We have been married for 18 months and are growing together spiritually, physically and emotionally every day. We noticed your article "Make a list of what you want" in the October issue, and that is exactly what we have done. We enumerated our desires in a mate, prayed, and gave it to our Father in trust and faith. Everything we wrote down materialized except more attributes than we thought we wanted. We cannot think of anyone anywhere who could have fulfilled that special role of mate other than the one our Father gave to us. He does know our needs much more than we do.
We thank our Father for His blessing, and also your publication for being the vehicle to make it all possible.
John and Cora C. (NH)

Dear Ms. Turner
It was a pleasure to receive your letter of introduction to ___. We spoke briefly on the phone and I wrote. . .Having been a single parent and self-employed as well as 39 years of age, I could no longer be classified as demure.. . Nevertheless as some feedback for your organization, I would like to thank you for this recent opportunity through an introduction. It is unbelievably difficult to meet adults (especially opposite sex potential friends) if one is not interested in "bar scenes". There is great concern for the single parent about one's own actions serving as a role model and bringing honorable individuals into contact with one's children.This surprise letter from you reminded me that I am not yet willing to close the arena of male/female interaction in my life. Thank you for allowing me a moment of fantasy and old feelings to surface.
Sincerely, B.P.

Dear Singles Scene,
This is to tell you that we first wrote then called. Then he came down to meet me. That was it. He never made it home till we were married. We married June 19. We are so happy and do everything together. After we were married, we went to Minnesota to meet his mom and the rest of his kids. He sold his home and came here to live with me. We are so happy with each other. No more lonesome days and nights.
William R. Drury and Juanita H. Drury.

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Dear Singles Scene,
A gentleman I met a year ago through your club became a very good friend, and even though we were limited to phone, video movies and tapes, we became very special friends. He became very ill last fall and passed away Jan. 29, and I thank God I was allowed to have him in my life.
You are a very special lady, Mrs. Turner and I'd like to thank you.
Pat P. (WA)

Dear Singles Scene,
Please remove my mail box message, but continue my subscription. I will give the magazine to a friend. God has put a special Christian man in my life and I praise His Holy name. Thanks for your action in this matter and thanks for what you're doing in seeking to help people to find someone special.

Dear Singles Scene,
My name is Wendy. I've been wanting to tell you that I have met someone very special through your publication. His name is Blake. He's so sweet and we will be meeting in person for the first time Christmas. We talk to each other of the phone every Sunday night for an hour. I'm very, very happy. He has invited me to come out to California next summer for a few weeks. I just want to say thank you.
Wendy (IL)

Dear Singles Scene,
In December my one time only ad was in the issue you gave to a very fine gentleman. He chose me from all the women in that paper.
I put a stop to other correspondence once I got his letter. I am happy to let you know that after corresponding and phone calls and visits we were married June 14 in Greensboro, North Carolina. I'm from South Bend, Indiana. God brought us together and put us together in such a miraculous way. That's nearly 1,000 miles that was between us. We are so glad that we left our situation in God's hands. He worked a miracle for us. I was F11177. Now that I'm married, thanks to your paper being the bridge that God used to bring us together, I want to help others as I was helped through your paper. God bless you all.
F. (IN)

Dear Singles Scene,
I have met several most wonderful ladies from your paper. During this year one will be my new wife. I no longer read the paper.

Dear Singles Scene,
Thank you for the nice job you did on my Jan./Feb. ad. Your ministry is a much needed service. I'm already writing one really neat guy. I'm a lot less lonely now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't wish to put in another ad right now. Thanks again.
J. (OH)

Dear Sandra,
I am a former subscriber to Singles Scene. I first subscribed in the fall of l991.
I am writing to tell you that I met the most wonderful lady through your magazine. She is from California and she wrote me in January this year. I was hesitant at first because I live in Kentucky. But something about her made me want to try and correspond. I am so glad that I did because she has been everything I could have hoped for. She came and visited me in September and we had a great time together. I am planning to visit her at Christmas time, which will be the first time I have flown in a plane. I just wanted to thank you for bringing us together and hope that if it is God'swill, we can be together the rest of our lives.

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